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Vintage French Chore Coat #6

Vintage French Chore Coat #6

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Step into a piece of history with our handpicked collection of vintage French chore coats. Each meticulously chosen piece narrates the tale of enduring craftsmanship and rustic allure, personally sourced by my Morgan, during her recent journey to Paris, France. Celebrated for their robust fabric and functional design, these chore coats were initially tailored for French laborers, epitomizing a fusion of practicality and minimalistic style. Now, they transcend their utilitarian origins to become symbols of lasting fashion and a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices. Ideal for the contemporary artist or inner artist, our French chore coats offer more than mere attire—they represent wearable art infused with the spirit of French heritage.

Please Note: Most of our vintage chore coats come without specific sizes listed, as they have been uniquely tailored over the years. We strongly encourage you to check the detailed measurements provided for each coat to ensure the perfect fit for your unique style and comfort.

Measurements: Please check your measurements as each jacket is different and exact size not marked. 

Chest: 22.5"

Waist: 23.5"

Shoulder: 18.5"

Length: 27"

Sleeve: 22.5"

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