Palo Santo Bundle
We are big believers in lifting the vibes and creating the right space around you. For you to go out there and be the best version of yourself in a crazy world, you gotta get those vibes UP. (It also neutralizes odors!)
Palo Santo literally means "holy wood" and has been used by priests and shamans for centuries. A tree indigenous to South America (that's in the same family as Frankincense), the wood must fall naturally from the tree and rest on the forest floor for at least three years before being harvested. 
We searched for years for the best source and ours comes from Peru. 
Why is some better than others? A lot of exporters are harvesting the wood before it is properly aged and dip it in oil to achieve the scent. It doesn't smell great, doesn't burn great and certainly isn't good for the forests. 
How do you burn it? Take a stick, light the tip, blow it out. Light again, gently turning the wood to get an even, gentle flame. Blow it out and let it smolder. As it smokes, wave it around a space, blowing on it occasionally to keep it going. Or put it down on a fire-proof surface. 
How long does it last? It'll go out in about a minute (it's relative to how smoldery it is). And one stick could be used for as long as several weeks, depending on how much you burn it. 
What does it smell like? Sheer awesomeness. Faintly woodsy, like a tree you can't quite put your finger on. Totally an androgynous scent that can neutralize anything from pet smells to bathroom situations. 
Sold in 1 Ounce Bundles