Shipping Policy

At this time, Club Duquette offers three different transportation options for any orders placed through our online website or over the phone. The following policies detail Club Duquette's commitments regarding these transportation options. Club Duquette reserves the right to change these terms at any point in time, and any changes become effective immediately. 


Club Duquette offers shipping through USPS, UPS, and DHL options. Orders for which the FREE SHIPPING option is chosen will be shipped with either of these two carriers, at the discretion of Club Duquette. Orders must qualify for free shipping in order for that option to be available for selection. Club Duquette commits to choosing a shipping service which provides tracking information via a tracking combination. Club Duquette accepts responsibility for items which arrive in an unsatisfactory condition for reasons such as, but not limited to, manufacturing defect, packing error or damage during shipping to the provided address; Club Duquette reserves the sole right to file a claim for damaged items with the shipping provider. Please review the procedure for contacting us regarding a damaged order on our Satisfaction Policy page, accessible here. Club Duquette ships all orders to the address provided by the buyer during the checkout process and does not assume responsibility for replacing or refunding items due to the provision of an incorrect address by the buyer. 


Club Duquette also offers local delivery for addresses within a certain radius of the shop address. In order to determine eligibility, the buyer must enter their shipping address; if local delivery is offered in the checkout platform, then buyer's address is eligible for this transportation option. Although Club Duquette will make all reasonable efforts to deliver orders to a safe and secure location, Club Duquette does not assume responsibility for orders from the moment they are marked fulfilled onward. If your delivery requires special access instructions, please note them in the "Notes" section of the checkout platform. Orders that are unable to be successfully delivered will be returned to the shop for pickup and the buyer will be contacted. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide valid contact information at checkout in order to avoid delivery issues. If buyer anticipates being out of town or unavailable, choosing a mail shipping option instead is recommended for the safety of orders to be fulfilled. 

Local Pickup:

Lastly, Club Duquette offers local in-store pickup for any online or over-the-phone order. Once a local pickup order is placed, please wait for Club Duquette to notify you of an order's "Ready for Pickup" status; Club Duquette does not assume responsibility for fulfilling any attempts by buyer to pick up their order before this notification is sent and received. However, if buyer needs to retrieve an order within a specific time period, buyer is strongly encouraged to both leave a note in the 
in the "Notes" section of the checkout platform AND contact Club Duquette at or @clubduquette on Instagram. Club Duquette makes every reasonable effort to satisfy special orders of this nature. PLEASE NOTE that orders which are selected by buyer as Local Pickup will be held for pickup by Club Duquette for a maximum of thirty (30) days. Club Duquette commits to making at least two (2) attempts to contact buyer regarding their order, including the "Ready for Pickup" notification, at their provided contact information. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide valid contact information at checkout in order to ensure these communications are received. After thirty (30) days, Club Duquette reserves the right to retain the entire contents of the purchased order without any refund to buyer. By not retrieving their order within 30 days, buyer forfeits entirely their rights to the merchandise purchased from Club Duquette, as well as the funds used to purchase the order. If buyer lacks confidence in their ability to fulfill their 30 day obligation, Club Duquette strongly encourages the choice of another order transportation option by buyer. If buyer selects Local Pickup and later, but before 30 days, determines that they are unable to complete their pickup, it is buyer's responsibility to contact Club Duquette at or @clubduquette on Instagram to determine an alternative transportation option.  

PLEASE NOTE: Club Duquette will fulfill orders based on the transportation method, and shipping option where applicable, chosen by buyer during checkout. Club Duquette will not honor any requests made via the "Notes" section of the checkout process by buyer to fulfill the order through any other transportation option, or to any other address, than that chosen in the "Shipping" section. Club Duquette does include personalized notes in most orders and is happy to address this part of the order to someone other than recipient if requested in the "Notes" section, but buyer acknowledges that this information will have no material effect on the applicable shipping information, recipient name, or shipping address. If buyer account differs from recipient provided in the Shipping section, Club Duquette will fulfill order based on information provided in the Shipping section, not the account through which the order is placed. In order to ensure that each order is fulfilled to the preference of buyer, buyer must ensure both that they can fulfill their obligation, if any, in the order fulfillment process, and that all information provided in the checkout process reflects these policies.