White + Green- Premium Turkish Herringbone Pattern Towel
Call it a Turkish towel or a peshtemel or a fouta or a harman towel... These generously sized yet surprisingly lightweight Turkish cotton towels are one of the most valuable things to carry with you through the Summer months. We always have a couple rolled up in the back of the car because you never know when you might make a surprise trip to a pool or a river or a beach or a lake. 
Or perhaps you're going to the gym and have forgotten a pair of pants to leave with! No worries, simply tie it around your waist like a skirt or sarong. Catching an afternoon movie matinee in a chilly theater? They make great scarves/wraps too!
Traveling light on an extended trip? Absolutely pack one to be your wrap on the plane, your towel on the secluded beach and your coverup all at the same time. 
Important info: The first time you use your towel, allow it to become fully wet at to air dry flat in the sunshine. It seals the fibers and makes it the most absorbent (and makes it so soft, too!). After that, feel free to wash and dry just like the rest of your laundry!
Handwoven on traditional looms in Turkey
100% Turkish cotton
Very absorbent , quick drying, durable and so versatile!
Size: 39"x69"