FREYR Rune Candle

About this product

They dedicate this hand-made rune candle with natural essential oil to those who aspire to improve their financial situation. Even with a touch of magic, financial luck will only come to people who put in some effort, struggle and aim for it. Only this way runic symbols will be able to affect our lives. However, sometimes a bit of supernatural help is necessary, thus the runic symbols, carved on this rune candle, will help to:

Open paths and opportunities for financial flows to reach your home; Realize your plans related to the material plane of life; Plan finance, income and expense; Protect your material wealth from unexpected expense and jealousy of others. In Norse mythology, god Freyr is the patron of fertility and prosperity. With the help of Freyr this candle will allow to plant a seed of the magical money tree that brings financial wealth to your home.

Notes: Patchouli, Myrrh, Ambergris