Hair Oil
Hair Oil Hair Oil

Clary Collection's Hair Oil is a product that wears many hats. Originally branded as a beard oil, the Clary Hair Oil became such a household product that the name was changed to better reflect the universal utility of this product. This nourishing oil leaves beards, split ends, flyaways, eyebrows, and even those hairs on your big toe (if that's your style) smooth and quenched.

Notable ingredients (and what isn’t):

  • Jojoba Oil- an oil which is produced in the seed of the plant and most closely resembles skin sebum
  • Sandalwood- an aromatic wood with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Lavender oil- an essential oil which helps signal to oil-secreting glands that skin is well-hydrated
  • Rosehip oil + Neroli- a combination which helps build elasticity of the hair follicle, protecting against daily damage
  • MadeSafe Certified ingredients 
  • Organic 

Tips and tricks for use:

Using the 

Aroma/scent notes:

A floral and herbaceous blend with a nip of frankincense and sandalwood