Bath + Body Oil
Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil Bath + Body Oil

Lovingly nourish your family's skin with our completely natural, hand-blended Clary Bath + Body Oil. 

Clary Collection slowly infuses cold-pressed, extra virgin Olive Oil with Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, and Plantain. This powerful and calming combination of organically grown and ethically harvested ingredients gently soothes and protects even the most sensitive skin. 

Use Clary Bath + Body Oil in place of lotion and massage oil. Add several pumps to a detoxifying, saltwater bath or combine a few pumps with warm water in a pitcher and pour gently over babies and young children at end of bath. Comes with interchangeable pump and screw top lid. 

Use post-shower for moisture that lasts for several days. Pack a travel-size in your carry-on or gym bag. Enjoy it deeply!

Available in full-sized 8 oz. glass bottle or 2 oz. travel-sized glass bottle. 


Clary Collection only uses ingredients that are 



100% Natural + Organic
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