Apothia Soul Aromatic Reed Diffuser
$45.00 $90.00

APOTHIA Aromatic Diffusers capture the lifestyle and sexiness of Los Angeles through modern design, advanced formula, and exceptional quality. Using premium fragrance blends and a uniquely alcohol-free formula, APOTHIA delivers sensational diffusion that lasts for months. The thick Italian blown glass bottle and our halo suggest a look of timeless quality and gorgeous minimalism while the single silver bead is a signature APOTHIA design that adds distinctive elegance to our award-winning fragrance collection.

THE EXPERIENCE: An intimate room, alive with energy. Piano, bass and percussion accompany a warm, sensual voice. Soul resonates in the air.

THE NOTES: African Ginger, Rich Mahogany, Deep Tamboti Wood, Grains of Paradise

SUGGESTED USE: Remove stopper and insert sticks. Invert sticks to refresh.


  • Size: 200 ml | 7 oz. 9 – 12 Months of Diffusion
  • Made in United States of America