All Purpose Comb
All Purpose Comb All Purpose Comb All Purpose Comb

Hair styling perfected. The right comb for any style. Made from 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic that provides a smooth drag through wet or dry hair for any style you want.

Tips and tricks for use:

The Alder All Purpose Comb is a handy-dandy one stop tool for your bathroom counter. Rounded teeth ends means this comb will always be friendly to the scalp. The wide tooth end works perfectly for those post-shower detangling jobs, while the smaller tooth end knocks out flyaways and easily smoothes hair in a sleek and uniform look. Pair with the Alder Texture Powder for a truly voluminous mane. 

A Word about Alder New York:

Alder New York is a queer and woman-owned independent skincare brand that makes products designed to work for all skin types, no matter your age, gender, or ethnicity. Alder products are environment conscious and vegan, and their universally beneficial ingredients make Alder personal care products as inclusive as possible.