It's a wild time and there aren't a lot of things we can be certain of right now. So we wanted to assure you of something that you can always count on-- The Friday Five newsletter.

It's like the Post Office, no rain, nor snow, nor doom or gloom is going to stop us from putting that little bit of fun in your email inbox every Friday. 

The Friday Five has always been our love letter to our friends and fam, a collection of awesome things to read and see and do and listen to as a pleasant distraction until the official weekend begins. And we cannot think of a better time for a pleasant distraction.

The Friday Five has always been free and will continue to be free. 

But if you see the value in this content, feel moved to contribute or just want to support a real mom and pop shop, we appreciate it. 

We are nothing without you. And we are nothing without each other. 

With love, BE WELL. 

Duquette, Morgan and Tennessee