2020 Appointment and Shopping Policies

Hey there! We are SO excited to be having appointments again! However, in order to have fun we also have to have rules. These are the long-form policies for any shopping appointments this holiday season. Please familiarize yourself with them, and if you have any questions let us know! You can download a PDF to read or save at the bottom if that's more your groove. We love you! 

Appointment Policies

Booking an appointment with Rugged and Fancy LLC dba Club Duquette (hereby referred to as Club Duquette) constitutes the entering of a contract between the individual or party booking the appointment (hereby referred to as “customer,” “booking party,” and/or “individual”) and Club Duquette and its affiliates. The terms of this contract are as follows:

Upon booking of an appointment and therefore entry into said contract, a non-refundable deposit must be paid by the booking party. This deposit will be credited towards any purchase made during the appointment of any merchandise sold by Club Duquette. Appointments may not be booked with Club Duquette without the payment of said deposit in order to maintain the integrity of the booking process. 


Appointment Rules and Policies:

Individuals are subject to all safety precautions and protective measures being enforced in store by Club Duquette and its employees. Failure to abide by any of these rules for any reason for any amount of time constitutes a breach of contract and can result in removal from the premises at the request of Club Duquette without refund of deposit. 

  1. Only the number of individuals listed on the original appointment by the booking party are permitted in the store for the appointment. Children aged 12 and younger are not recommended to attend in any capacity, either as a stated party or otherwise. We are open to customers of all kinds, including children, during regular open hours; however, in order to preserve the integrity of a personal shopping appointment, we ask that you please leave your little loved ones with another guardian if possible. Booking parties may attend an appointment with fewer individuals than originally stated, but no more than originally stated. Appointments exceeding the maximum number of individuals allowed to book for any given appointment time on any day will not be booked, and any individuals arriving exceeding the stated number will be asked to leave. 
  2. Customers who shop with Club Duquette via Shopping Appointment are subject to any and all safety procedures being implemented for the shop at the time of the appointment. Club Duquette reserves the right to change safety precautions between the booking of an appointment and the time of service. Customers with tentative appointments will be notified of any increased measures in safety protocols via contact method provided at the time of booking. Customers are responsible for providing accurate contact information for this reason. 
  3. Club Duquette reserves the right to request that any individual on the premises subject themselves to various safety procedures; these may include, but are not limited to, temperature checks, frequent hand sanitization, low-contact merchandise practices, etc. 
  4. Customers should limit the number of personal possessions brought with them to appointments in order to reduce the risk of transferral of particles from one individual to another. 
  5. Any customer or booking party that, during their appointment, displays symptoms of illness will be permitted to shop for the remainder of their appointment at the discretion of Club Duquette and/or its employees. Club Duquette reserves the right to request the early conclusion of an appointment due to the display of physical symptoms of illness. 
  6. Individuals who have received a positive COVID-19 test within fourteen (14) days of entering Club Duquette premises are not permitted in the store. Upon learning that an individual has been present on Club Duquette premises within fourteen (14) days of a positive test result, Club Duquette reserves the right to restrict said individual’s ability to enter the store in any future instance.

Cancellation and Closure Policy

Should a booking party fail to attend an appointment for the entire duration of the appointment, the non-refundable deposit will not be refunded. Individuals who attend their entire booked appointment and fail to complete a purchase may receive their deposit in the form of a store credit to be used at a later time. 

Club Duquette must be notified of an appointment cancellation at least twenty-four (24) hours before the appointment date and time in order for the booking party to receive a refund for their deposit in the form of a store credit. Appointments missed may be rescheduled with the payment of a new deposit. Should a booking party wish to reschedule their appointment to an available appointment date and time, they may do so by contacting Club Duquette via phone, email, or social media messaging. The rescheduling will be at the discretion of Club Duquette and/or its employees. Until Club Duquette confirms that an appointment has been rescheduled with the booking party, any missed or cancelled appointment will be classified as such and subject to the non-refundable deposit policy. 

Any merchandise damaged or broken by an individual during their appointment will be subject to an immediate purchase policy. Deposits may be applied towards the purchase of any immediately damaged items, but if the total amount of the item exceeds the deposit value then the customer will be responsible for paying the difference. 

In the event that Club Duquette must alter an appointment to be held virtually, Club Duquette will contact the booking party personally. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, national or state public health mandates or non-COVID related employee illness. These measures will only be taken if and/or when Club Duquette determines that virtual appointments are the best option for protecting the health and safety of booking parties. Club Duquette reserves the right to either offer or deny any alternative options depending on the circumstances, such as virtual appointments, rescheduling and/or cancellation. In the event of an appointment modification by Club Duquette, appointments may be rescheduled without the charge of a new deposit. Alternatively, should a booking party choose to cancel their appointment outright at the request of an appointment modification by Club Duquette, they may receive their nonrefundable deposit in the form of a store credit or gift card to be used at a later time either online or in store. A cancellation under the aforementioned circumstances is the only scenario in which a customer may request a transferral of their deposit to a store credit without attending their appointment in full.

In the event that a booking party attends their appointment in its entirety and complies with all safety measures enforced by Club Duquette, but fails to make a purchase of any sort, the booking party may also request that their deposit be converted into store credit. Should the purchase fail to exceed the amount paid in the deposit, a booking party may request that the difference be converted into a store credit. 

By purchasing an appointment deposit and/or scheduling a confirmed appointment with Club Duquette, the booking party consents to all of the terms and conditions stated in this contract. 

Failure to willingly comply with any of the aforementioned store policies will result in a breach of contract and will entitle Club Duquette to take any resultant measures stated above.