Get Mystic Bandana
Get Mystic Bandana Get Mystic Bandana Get Mystic Bandana Get Mystic Bandana

GET MYSTIC. It's a call to action, a reminder, an encouragement... go with the flow, raise the vibration, find the balance of effort and ease in life. Our bandanas are made using the traditional discharge method of printing on limited quantity organic cotton from North Carolina and Japan. Designed in house and printed in small batches, every Club Duquette bandana is a story; the details are up to you. 

Size: 23x23"

Material: 100% organic cotton

Tips and tricks for use: Larger than the standard bandana, Club Duquette in-house bandanas are easily your most useful accessory. Wear in the classic styles tied around the head or rolled up as a neck scarf (we love fastening ours with a vintage ring sans knot for a jazzy look). The bandanas are also handy for kerchief style duties like opening doors, blotting sweat and even as a towel in a pinch. They can be a classy and fun pop of color tied to a tote or backpack. They make unique and thoughtful gifts, and with constantly rotating styles no closet collection of Club Duquette bandanas is the same.