This is Esme Hill

This is Esme Hill

At the heart of Club Duquette is a family vibe. Whether you've hung out in the shop or become a friend somewhere else in the world, this rad community of people has begun to grow. And in the way that all things are crazy connected, Esme Hill came to be part of the team earlier this year. 

Long story short, Esme modeled for us a couple years previous and then went off to college. When we were dreaming about what an ideal team mate might look like, we thought it might be something like Esme-- intuitive, peaceful and just generally good vibe.  

Lo and behold, less than 12 hours later Morgan ran into her in the local hippy grocery store and basically offered her a job on the spot. 

Many months later, she's become a fixture alongside us in the shop. 


 How do you start your day?

I usually start my day with a couple minutes of deep breathing or a super short guided meditation. I drink a bunch of water and then coffee! No mornings look exactly the same, and some mornings begin with mindless scrolling through Instagram but, my days go a lot smoother when I take the time to do something mindful and intentional as soon as I wake up. The coffee helps too!
What are the conditions for feeling like your best self?
When I am in a clean space, well rested, and engaged in something creative, I feel like my best self. It's hard to feel inspired when I'm exhausted, and my space is cluttered and messy.
What is luxury to you?
Luxury is waking up in the morning and taking my time making a nice breakfast (preferably waffles), having a really good cup of coffee, and hanging out in the sunshine for hours. Being able to spend my time doing what I want is luxury to me.
Evening rituals?
In the evening, I love to stretch and then write a gratitude list. I really recommend this! Focusing on the things you're grateful for, even if it isn't much at the moment, can really lift your spirits. Once again, the evenings are never the same, and sometimes I just fall asleep watching Netflix, and that works too!
Your great teachers/gurus/advisors?
During high school I had an acting teacher named Mavis who I'm pretty sure is the sun in human form. She was super into yoga, mindfulness, and is such a talented actor and teacher. Her energy is everything I strive to be: Open, joyful, gracious, unapologetic, and full of knowledge. I haven't seen her in a while but she made a huge impact of my life. I've also learned a lot from teachers of the Law of Attraction from youtube, books, and podcasts.
Diet you follow?
I am vegan and don't consume meat or anything made with animal products. I also don't purchase leather goods, or items from companies that test on animals. I would not call veganism a diet. I never count calories, or get mad at myself for eating junk food. I believe diets and restrictive ways of eating promote an unhealthy relationship with food. I love being vegan because it's about eating an abundance of high-vibrational foods, loving animals, and protecting our beautiful planet.
Wellness crushes?
Anyone who is good at meditating! I have had a handful of really great experiences with it, but also a whole lot of sitting in silence, getting carried away in thought. It is definitely a practice.
Guilty pleasure?
Dance moms... I'm a dancer so I used to watch it all the time for the dance competitions. Watching it again recently it's easier to see that like most reality shows, it's totally unrealistic and portrays women as petty and messy, so it's not the best, but it's definitely entertaining.
Favorite artist?
My taste in music is constantly changing but three artists that never get old are Willow, Kid Cudi, and SZA.
Minimalist or maximalist?
Aspiring minimalist! I don't know that I will ever be a hardcore minimalist but I much prefer having a few really great quality pieces, products, and belongings to having lots of stuff I have no real connection to, and rarely get use out of. I love to go through my belongings and donate a bunch of stuff every once in a while. I get a lot of peace from having a clean, clear space. 
SPOTTED: Clary Collection Clary Balm, Ursa Major Travel Tonic, OLO Lightning Paw, Alder New York Serum, and more. 
Dream dinner party-- who do you invite?
Jordan Peele and the casts of Get Out and Us. I have so many questions.
Favorite snack?
Vegan banana bread from Red Cat. The best.
Who or what inspires you?
People who go for their dreams even when they're "risky" in the eyes of others. I'm constantly inspired by people working for themselves, creating, and being confident in their dreams and ideas. People who take that leap inspire me.
I'm new to the whole podcast thing, but lately I've been listening to The Expanded, which Morgan recommended to me. I also love to listen to TED talks about mindfulness, and the law of attraction. One of my favorites right now is Emotional Intelligence with D. Ivan Young. I'd love to hear some more podcast recommendations!
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