The History of French Workwear: Durable Fashion's Timeless Appeal

The History of French Workwear: Durable Fashion's Timeless Appeal

Timeless Style Meets Modern Sustainability

Hey folks,

You know how we love a good story, right? Well, let us spin you a tale about the legendary French workwear, the kind of rugged yet effortlessly cool clothing that’s been worn by the hardiest souls from the bustling streets of Paris to the sun-drenched fields of Provence. Don't miss our current French Workwear sourced by Morgan on her recent trip to Paris. 

It All Started With a Stitch and Some Grit

Back in the late 19th century, when France was all abuzz with industry, workers needed clothes that could take a beating and come out looking all the better for it. Enter the 'bleu de travail'—the original French work jacket. This wasn’t just any jacket. It was a badge of honor for the working folk, built tough from durable cotton twill, designed to withstand the rigors of labor from dawn till dusk.

Icons in Blue

And guess what? It wasn’t long before these pieces caught the eye of some pretty iconic folks. Take, for instance, the beloved street photographer Bill Cunningham. Bill could have worn anything, right? But he chose that blue workman’s jacket. Why? Because it was real, it was honest, and it didn’t shout for attention—kind of like Bill himself.

From Workwear to Everywhere

Fast forward to today, and French workwear isn't just for the laborers or the artists tucked away in their studios. It’s for anyone who appreciates a piece that tells a story of endurance, simplicity, and authenticity. It’s for people like us—who hustle and make and create and don’t mind getting our hands dirty in the process.

More Than Just Threads

Here’s the kicker, though—it’s not just about fashion. It’s about finding those pieces that feel like a second skin, that carry the stories of those who wore them before us, and that are going to stick with us through our own adventures. It’s sustainable, it’s ethical, and it absolutely vibes with everything we stand for.

So, whether you’re an artist crafting your masterpiece or a dreamer building your startup, remember that like that sturdy rock in the stream, French workwear is here to stay, shaped by history but always ready for the future.

Catch you at the shop (online, of course!) where we celebrate the past to create a better future. And hey, remember to flow like that cool water, shaping the world one ripple at a time.

Peace, love, and stitches,

Duquette and Morgan

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