1// Well, we were featured in the New York Times this week! 

Photo: Wes Frazer for the New York Times. 

It has been an honor and a whirlwind to receive this great honor alongside Billy Reid and Defend New Orleans. To be considered one of "three most exciting homegrown labels operating in the South today," is so humbling. And all the love we have received over the past couple days has been so meaningful. Thank you for being the most important part of it!

Our community in Woodlawn is so important to us, and we would like to clarify that while Birmingham's historic Woodlawn neighborhood has only recently become a destination for new retail experiences, it has always had a vibrant community and identity. We moved to East Lake a decade ago and started working in Woodlawn because it was close to home and as working artists, it's what we could afford when we took a chance starting with $3,000 cash that a friend loaned us.

Yes, we started our business 2.5 years ago with $3,000 in cash, no retail or business background and only two brands and stuff we made. Here's what we did have-- a vision with action steps, core people who believed in us and some great advisers who let us ask them all the questions in the world. And the work ethic! Now, this is not some universal recipe for success. But these set a great foundation. 

We are endlessly grateful to the community for accepting us and inviting us to become a part of what's new and happening! CHEERS!



Nipsey was gunned down outside his shop The Marathon Clothing in LA this past week. It's a huge tragic loss to so many. Poet, innovator, activist, businessman, family man. Rather than share an article about his death, we want to share an article about his brilliance! This is the guy who sold mixtapes for $100 a pop before anyone really knew who he was. And Jay-Z bought a 100 of them because it was just so bold. Nipsey understood people. And understood where you could take people, creating experience-based commerce and technology that was just MINDBLOWING. 

 If you're interested in reading more about Nipsey Hussle's philosophies and approach to life, energy, success, art making and business building, read here




Photo: screenshot of Land's Instagram

So we first fell in love with the design work of LAND, the Austin-based concept and design company that has worked with everyone from Ace Hotels to Levi's and Hermes and a million cool companies in between (including mezcal and cannabis brands, so cool). Their aesthetic has defined a whole era in design and has enchanted us for years. So when they hit us up to see if we would like to stock their two House of Land fragrances, we were like, "!!!!!!"

So here they are: HIGH LONESOME (mesquite, dirt, palo santo, musk) and HEAVY BLOOM (datura, gardenia, jasmine, maile). They're sensual and long lasting and feel like you're someone who goes to the desert to recharge. Be that you, now


This brand new space in Birmingham is CUTTING EDGE (but in like the most soothing, restorative way)! Yes, they've got a great yoga and meditation schedule of classes... but the co-working situation has me SHOOK. There are so many spaces for so many different ways to work.

There's a community room with all these beautiful tables and sofas (and even a kitchen for you to prepare your food or grab a healthy pre-made meal for purchase). There are small, medium and large rooms for meetings, group work and conferences. There are quiet small rooms with desks and chairs, perfect for the freelancer, the therapist, the body worker, for small meetings where you won't be disturbed.

There are little nooks with the most inviting chairs by picture windows where you can work quietly. There's even a space where you can take a break and go meditate.

And they worked with sound designers and interior experts and it's just PERFECT. 

You can use the space by the hour or get a variety of packages that give you all sorts of perks and access. And if you want to check out their class schedule, click here. My personal favorites are Sheri Bagwell's Meditation for Stress Management on Monday morning at 10:30am. I have worked with Sheri for several years now on energy blocks, healing sessions and meditation. Her private sessions are amazing, too. And any of Becca Impello's classes are incredible. Becca is one of the foundations of Birmingham's wellness community and is a physical therapist and yoga therapist.  

5// The most popping and diverse street market in the Southeast-- Woodlawn Street Market is BACK!

The Woodlawn Street Market kicks up this Saturday right outside our shop! All of 55th Place South in Woodlawn and the giant municipal lot will become home to dozens of vendors with everything from farm fresh veg from Jones Valley Teaching Farm to folk medicines, popcorns and cupcakes, jewelry and tees (check out our friends Element and Vibe!). There are live DJs, breakdancing competitions (as evidenced by that sweet linoleum in that photo), live graffiti art and more. It's amazing. 10am-4pm in Woodlawn. And come pop in the shop and say hey to us! 

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