1// ROSEMARY'S BABY'S APARTMENT IS THE BEST DESIGN. Right about this time of year, I start really pining for Fall temperatures and Fall festivities. And with that longing comes the desire to watch one of my favorite movies over and over, Roman Polanski's 1968 film with Mia Farrow carrying the devil's baby while living in the creepiest slash chicest apartment building ever-- ROSEMARY'S BABY! (Which is streaming now on Hulu, FYI).

Arguably, the apartment is its own character in the film and the process of redesigning it in this really designful mod way stands in stark contrast to the darker elements of the film, while also touching on our 2019 obsession with home design and 60s era references (hello, yellow and white and daisies and Italian deco revival!). 


Here's a reallllllly interesting read about the apartment, the set design and the famed Dakota building.

Oh, goodness and I just discovered there's a coffee table book about the making of Rosemary's Baby and it sounds SALACIOUS. Polanski almost got fired, Farrow was forced to choose career or marriage (to Frank Sinatra). 

2// Speaking of books, we are SO EXCITED to have some new titles in the shop! I LOVE a good art table book. I actually create these nice little stacks of them all over the house so that whenever you may be sitting and twiddling your thumbs, you can pick up a tome and be inspired.


UNUSUAL SOUNDS by DAVID HOLLANDERIn the heyday of B-movies, low-budget television and scrappy genre filmmaking, producers looking for a soundtrack reached for library music: LPs of stock recordings for any mood. Initially regarded as an inexpensive alternative to traditional film scores, library labels became treasure troves for record collectors, and much of the work became recognized as extraordinary.


ALTERED STATES by PETER WATTS. Julio Mario Santo Domingo was a collector and visionary who filled his homes and warehouses with the world’s greatest private collection related to the subjects of drugs, sex, magic, and rock and roll: a library of more than 50,000 items featuring works by Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, Sigmund Freud, the Marquis de Sade, Charles Baudelaire, Allen Ginsberg, the Rolling Stones, Aleister Crowley, and many more.


DO ANGELS NEED HAIRCUTS by LOU REED. In August of 1970, a 28-year-old Lou Reed quit the Velvet Underground, moved home to Long Island, New York, and embarked on a fascinating alternate creative path: poetry. Do Angels Need Haircuts? is an extraordinary snapshot of this turning point in Reed’s career. Gathering poems, photographs and ephemera from this era.


PARTY IN THE BACK by TINO RAZO. In Party in the Back, celebrated skateboarder Tino Razo has documented and shredded abandoned backyard swimming pools throughout Southern California. The resulting body of work, showcased here for the first time in Tino’s book, elevates itself beyond a bunch of thrill-seekers navigating the suburban landscape, juxtaposing renegade sessions by world-class skateboarders with dramatic architectural photographs of a lost American dream.

And there's even more, hand picked by us for you. Because we know you're going to love them. Gift yourself or get ahead on the gifting season. 

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4// Movies we are excited about. It's a mix-- for the grownups and for the family. 





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