Welcome to the first weekend of "unofficial" Summer. You know, those weeks leading up to the actual technical beginning of Summer (mid-June). They kids are out of school. Memorial Day has passed. The heat is suddenly overwhelming (down South, anyway) and all day every day is spent with a distant longing for a pool, an ocean getaway, a last minute trip to somewhere magical.

1// PACKING LISTS. In the spirit of daydreaming, here are some amazing packing lists. I've always loved looking at what people absolutely must take with them when traveling. There's something admirable about the efficiency and poetic in the presentation. 

Joan Didion's Packing List from 1979. 


And here's a little tidbit-- when I am listless or particularly wanderlustful, I make packing lists for imaginary trips. It's fulfilling. I dare you to try it!

 A few things that are absolutely indispensable to me when traveling, that come from Club Duquette: The Generations Bag (because it was literally made to accommodate adventures of a lifetime), Levi's Vintage Clothing sweatshirt (because it packs down small and serves the purpose of keeping you warm on chilly nights beside the water, cuts the wind when riding down the coast in that old convertible), Levi's 501 Crop (because they're the quintessential French girl blue jeans and you can wear them for a month without washing them!). And not listed above, but an obvious essential is good travel sized beauty products. Airplanes and global jet setting can wreck your skin (so can recirculated office air and the stressors of every day life). I'm obsessed with the new Alder New York travel skincare we got in the shop, and also my Clary Balm that I go nowhere without! 

2// "I LIVE FOR MYSELF AND ANSWER TO NOBODY." STEVE MCQUEEN'S ENDURING STYLE. When you talk about men's style, 8.9/10 people will say Steve McQueen is the McKing. <--- what is life without a great bad joke??


In the same way that a packing list is enchanting for its pared down-ness, the simplicity, the classicism of it all, Steve McQueen's style is effortlessly cool, pretty repetitive, simple and so full of swagger. 

Here's a good McQueen style guide, via The Gentleman's Journal.

Take note: a great denim shirt, Levi's 501s (yes, he really wore Levi's!) and a classic white t-shirt

3// BAD KIDS SUMMER CAMP. Artist RC Hagans has rented out a giant warehouse in downtown Birmingham to host artists, musicians, graffitos, chefs, shops and more. If you're a part of the fringe or even just curious about it, this Warhol-esque experience is open to all

Here's a calendar of events that includes, Drinking and Drawing on Tuesdays, Black Market on Saturdays and more. We went down there a little early to check out the happenings and our five year old son, Tennessee got to do graffiti with artists and skateboard a bunch. Don't miss the kickoff this Saturday!


4// JUNE IS AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSIC APPRECIATION MONTH. This has been nationally recognized since 1979. In the words of President Obama, the African-American music  and musicians have helped the country  "to dance, to express our faith through song, to march against injustice, and to defend our country's enduring promise of freedom and opportunity for all."

Raylar Ellis posted the following on Instagram:

If you know any teenagers who are African-American, age 13-18 and interested in music, reach out to Raydar! Access to the arts, access to opportunity, it changes lives! 

Also, here's the playlist this week, a celebration of Black Music. 


5// A few extra things to read/watch/listen do/do today, tomorrow, at your leisure...

+ A sunflower seed pesto recipe that Duquette has noted for this weekend. 

+ A history of hemp in America

+ A guide to the You Pick Farms of Central Alabama (yes, for berry picking and more!)

+ Inside Tommy Hilfiger's Mustique Vacation Villa


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