1// I would be remiss to not start the Friday Five with reminding you that tonight, WE. ARE. GOING. TO. GET. DOWNNNNN. It's been one hell of a week, right? Come out to our party at the shop tonight, 7-10pm. Art, music, food and drinks, culture, community, GOOD VIBES. 

We are calling it the Official Bad Kids Summer Camp Kickoff Party, featuring art by RC Hagans, music by DJ Radhu and Chico, with drinks from our friends at Cathead Vodka and Ghost Train Brewing Company. And the Taco Morro Loco truck will be parked outside to fill you up with the best street tacos in the East side. 

Our neighbors over at Communicating Vessels are going to be doing some rad stuff too so come down to Woodlawn and experience something really magical. It's real community. And it happens so suddenly between people who come from all walks of life, all gathering in one space to just have an easy, good time. 

Join us! 

2// THIS WEEK'S PLAYLIST: A taste of the tunes tonight, in the form of a playlist. Courtesy of DJ Rahdu

Birmingham native, DJ Rahdu’s musical menu has made him an internationally known Taste Maker & Sound Provider. The Hot 107.7 FM DJ feeds his listeners a unique blend of Hip Hop, House & Soul live on the air and on his popular BamaLoveSoul podcast. He has also performed regularly at Art Beats & Lyrics, a traveling art & music tour. 

 3// Here are a few articles worth reading right now:

 +My goodness, how we love James Bond. And Daniel Craig has been our favorite Bond yet! (Excited he's doing one more that's in production right now!!) Anyway, here's a fun read about how many injuries Daniel Craig has sustained while doing his own stunts as 007

+Well, we humans have kinda jacked the planet and its at the immediate expense of the wildlife around us. Wah wahhh... Sound like a downer? WELL IT IS!! We don't believe in shaming people, but we all need to be educated about our impact in the world and make every effort we can to be a better being among other beings. Here's an insightful read from the NYT--"Humans are speeding extinction and altering the natural world at an 'unprecedented' pace."

+Denver just decriminalized the use of psychedelic mushrooms. And The Atlantic talks a little bit about what it's like

4// Duquette recommends you take 5 minutes to watch this mini Criterion video on how Nashville artist and musician Sam Smith finds inspiration in the history of poster art. It's beautiful. 


FRIDAY. Obviously come to Club Duquette for the party! 7-10pm in Woodlawn!

SATURDAY. John Paul White and The Prescriptions are playing the Lyric Theater

SUNDAY. There's a Bernie Sanders event at 4pm. And an Alabama ACLU march at Kelly Ingram Park at 6pm. (There are marches happening all over the state of Alabama on Sunday!)


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