THE ESSENTIALS: Three Items Every Guy Should Have in Their Wardrobe Now

THE ESSENTIALS: Three Items Every Guy Should Have in Their Wardrobe Now

There are certain things that withstand the test of time, transcend trends and become an indispensable element of your life. It sounds hyperbolic, but there really are such classic staples of a wardrobe that you find yourself wearing some combination of them everyday and feeling fantastic. And that's the goal-- dress for your life and feel amazing. Sounds simple, or maybe sounds complicated. It's okay, we are here to do the work for you.

And these three essential pieces will do the really hard work you, day in and day out. 

1. A great pocket tee. It's a step up from an undershirt or basic tee. And for whatever reason, it can be so hard to find the one that is THE ONE. You know, the one pocket tee that you wear two or three days in a row because it feels right and you can. The one you panic a little when you can't find it in the laundry. The one that you know will always make you feel right as you run out the door.

Day one: Wear it out with a sport coat and nice denim for dinner, drinks, a show. Even on the airplane that's going to get you there. 

Day two: Pocket tee with chinos for brunch that turns into all day hangs. 

Day three: Pocket tee. Sweatpants. Netflix. Chill. 

2. The versatile button down. I've said for years that every man needs a blue shirt... and a blue shirt. My first real oxford cloth came from the master, Sid Mashburn. It changed my life. It was like a Clark Kent to Superman situation without a costume change. You dress it up. You dress it down. You wear it in the board room or the recording studio or on the road or sitting around the house. I wore that thing until it was threadbare. (That's why you need the second shirt-- because it's reckless to live life with only one favorite shirt!)

Our new Taylor Stitch Sunbleached Denim button downs are amazing. The fabric feels worn in and so soft but with 5 oz. weight European combed denim. The cut is classic. And it just gets softer over time. It's like taking a blue oxford cloth and being like, "BOOM! SURPRISE! It's actually the softest denim ever!" You're welcome. Just saying. 

As for that second shirt, get a classic WHITE oxford cloth. Again, it's a situation where it is perfect for all situations. Six ounce organic cotton. Do the tie. Then lose the tie. Wear it in the office then unbutton a little and roll the sleeves up. Don't be precious with it. Wear the thing. Because it, too, gets better and better over time. 

And both of these shirts are under $100. 


Have you ever felt a really old sweatshirt? I'm talking a 60-80 year old sweatshirt. It's got weight to it. They're heavy. They're tight woven. Those OGs are sought after and hard to come by. But there's this cool thing-- Levi's Vintage Clothing goes into their archives of designs dating as far back as their first ever pair of jeans. LVC has remade their 1930s Bay Meadows sweatshirt exactly to historic specs. Man, it's even got the original designed tags in them. It's got that weight to it. With saddle sleeves, ribbed collar and cuffs, and that covetable V in the front stitching... it's a forever sweatshirt.

And we've also got this Jungmaven hemp French striped raglan sweatshirt that is dope. Wear it now while it's chilly and pack it on every beach and lake trip when the evening breeze gives you goosebumps. Post sunburn essential. 


If I was good at math, I'd tell you that with a pocket tee, two button downs and a sweatshirt you'd get a total of xxx potential outfits. But to be honest, math isn't my strongest skill. So just trust me, these three items plus a pair of jeans, chinos, a great jacket and two pairs of shoes is all you need for a weekend anywhere. Plus a bag. ...And never forget to pack a swimsuit because you never know when you're going to need it. 

Peace, Love & Hair Grease,


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