Mastering Les Puces Saint-Ouen: Essential Tips for Navigating Paris's Iconic Flea Market

Mastering Les Puces Saint-Ouen: Essential Tips for Navigating Paris's Iconic Flea Market

Recently, Morgan was in Paris for an upcoming project and did some sourcing for the Club Family. Dive into her personal guide to conquering Paris's renowned flea market, Les Puces Saint-Ouen, and discover essential shopping tips. Whether you’re looking for vintage treasures or unique finds, this guide ensures you make the most of your visit. Check out Morgan's detailed insights below and read more on her blog about sustainable shopping practices and her favorite stalls. Are you planning your own flea market adventure in Paris? Share your thoughts and expectations below! Be sure to check out Morgans Blog about her trip. 


1️⃣ Get dropped off at the right spot. If you map it on your phone, it will tell you to take the metro to Clignancourt. Don’t. Take it to Garibaldi station, get off and walk toward Rue des Rosiers. If you take a G7 taxi or Uber, 99 Rue des Rosiers. Be there first thing in the morning! I like to get dropped off at 8:30 to plan my route and have an espresso at a little cafe.

2️⃣ People will tell you to carry a little cash/that people take cards/that there’s an ATM. ✋🛑 STOP. Take primarily cash, have plenty of smaller bills, don’t count on anyone taking cards (unless they’re a bigger vendor and make sure to check the amount on screen before you tap) and don’t plan to use an ATM. Wear your money very close to the front of your body and leave your passport at your hotel/apt. It’s a major flea market in a gritty part of town. I feel totally safe there during the market, and I feel safest having my cash very close to me.

3️⃣🔥 BRING YOUR OWN TOTE BAGS 🔥 and better yet, bring your empty rolling suitcase or a market cart. There are two ways your market day would end early: you run out of room or you run out of money. This sounds excessive, but I’m dead serious. I’ve made this mistake before.

4️⃣ Have a list in hand/ in your phone/ in your mind for what you’re searching for. It helps you mentally focus and helps your eyes find the treasures in the midst of sea of junk and treasures! I always search for specific things like old menus, interesting French medallions, perfume, etc.

5️⃣ Les Puces de Saint Ouen, also called Les Puces or simply Saint-Ouen, is made up of seven enormous markets. It’s like acres and acres of alleys and rows and semi-permanent stalls. Each market has a vibe, an identity. Realistically you may only get through 3-4 in a full day. Do a little research before and pick you top ones! I LOVE Vernaison, the oldest market of all, Dauphine, which is covered and a perfect option in the rain. It feels hip with curated vintage clothing stalls, vintage records and books, etc. And Serpette for the luxury goods.

This guide aims to prepare you for an unforgettable visit to Les Puces Saint-Ouen, ensuring you can navigate the bustling alleys with confidence and come away with both incredible finds and memorable experiences.

Enjoy and Have Fun,

Morgan and Duquette 

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