GIFT GUIDE PART 2: Oh you pretty thing

GIFT GUIDE PART 2: Oh you pretty thing

We love the holidays and all the unique ways there are to show someone you get them. Here are a few pretty ways to show that person a little love with a little happy. 

ONE// For the friend who is all about that matcha. The friend who loves tea. The friend who is trying to kick the coffee. The friend who loves a wellness situation. 

Matcha is a tea that is quickly beating out coffee as people's caffeine of choice. This powdered green tea's caffeine kick produces no jitters, no crash, and if that's not convincing enough gives you flow-state energy coupled with mental clarity. 

1. Matcha cookbook--it's bright and beautiful and the perfect addition to a stack of coffee table books or cookbooks. 

2. The Matcha Whisk!!! This is one of Morgan's personal favorite things we have in the shop right now. Battery powered, lightweight and makes one hell of a froth on tea and coffee alike. (Secret: Morgan travels with hers in her carryon bag so she can make her own lattes with coconut milk at any time.)

3. This perfectly blush colored soapstone mug. Crafted from smooth, marbled soapstone, this mug will make your morning ritual even better. The properties of soapstone, a metamorphic rock, naturally help hot liquids stay hot for extended periods. (Fun tip: preheat the mug with hot water or heat it on a stove before adding your favorite hot beverage!) No two pieces of soapstone are exactly alike, making it completely unique and rare. Each mug is individually crafted from start to finish by a group of hand-chiselers in a fair trade environment in the Tabaka Hills of Kenya. 

TWO// That deep indigo is such a soothing and creativity sparking color! Here are a few special little somethings in the shop...

1. Our signature bandanas, cyanoscope style. (That's like a rainbow of blues.) Our bandanas are a little larger than the standard, made using the traditional discharge method of printing on organic cottons from North Carolina and Japan. This is the same way bandanas were made during the American Revolution. And they're the softest, most versatile piece of fabric you'll own. We print limited color ways and designs, so if you see one you love, grab it. They're known to disappear quickly. 

2. Deadstock playing cards, still in their original wax paper wrapping with cigar stamp closures. The backs have beautiful sailing scenes on them. There are only two sets. And they're only available in-store or by phone. (And they're $20 each). 

3. A vintage porcelain tray. To hold beautiful things, keys and change, business cards or pens, perfumes or unburned palo santo. One of a kind, $38. Available in-store or via phone. (Give us a call! 205.202.4647)

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