GIFT GUIDE PART 1: Call me your gifting sherpa.

GIFT GUIDE PART 1: Call me your gifting sherpa.

Call me your gifting sherpa; I am here to guide you.

We are really excited about this holiday season because it just feels like the world needs some joy. And while it can be so hard to find center day to day, there's something about twinkling lights lining the streets, fireside cuddles, old Nat King Cole songs playing everywhere... it feels GOOD. It feels warm and cozy and secure. 

So here's to the warm and cozy and secure! These are a few ideas that would warm just about anyone. From the cold bones to the cold hearted and everywhere in between (I think most of us are definitely in the middle, thank goodness) here is part one of the gift guide. 

ONE//Individually or in any combination, these items have textures, scents, functions that definitely feel GOOD.

1. The Cardiff throw by Rose & Fitzgerald was inspired by 1960s California surf communities and woven by a community of artisans in Ethiopia. The cotton is handpicked, spun and naturally dyed and the blanket is woven on these handcrafted looms. It transports you to somewhere a little slower, a little more laid back. And it sure would look good thrown over the back of your favorite chair. 

2. Saint Rita's Parlor incense and rollerball fragrances in Signature scent and Rita's Car. This is what we've been burning nonstop at home, in Morgan's painting studio, Duquette's songwriting room and the shop, too. Both the incense and fragrances are made using only 18 rare essential oils. Signature has notes of whiskey, tobacco and rose. Rita's Car, a  tribute to the creator's grandmother Rita's car smell, has notes of leather, vanilla musk, tobacco, rare coins and green foliage. They're really good. And the cones sit perfectly on top of our Palo Santo burners

3. This Ankole tray is the perfect spot to rest your keys, loose coins, rogue lipsticks or your favorite scent. Ethically made in Uganda from the Ankole horn (it was sourced ethically as a food by-product), the natural colors of the horn are so beautifully variant, ranging from light to dark, with stripes of ivory or black and brown. Much like a fingerprint,  no two horns are exactly alike, making each of these trays completely unique and rare. 

TWO// Would you believe something so beautiful could be a bath towel?? We are so excited about the recent arrivals of Turkish towels to the shop. In various weaves, patterns and colors, these are all handwoven in Istanbul. They're large enough to be a generous sized bath towel, beach towel, blanket on the grass or even a sarong. Yet they're so lightweight!! You could roll it up and throw it in your bag without hardly noticing. Turkish cotton is incredibly moisture absorbent and gets softer and softer with each use.

Pictured at left is the Tribe towel and the Hare towel is on the right. 

THREE// Sometime cozy comes in the form of nourishing foods and tools for wellbeing. 

1. Ojas is a stunning Ayurvedic cookbook, drawing on ancient wisdom, health, the elements, astrology, the doshas (our individual constitutions). This book is as beautiful to sit and explore while drinking a cup of tea as it is to actively cook by. 

2. Pair the cookbook with our favorite olive oil from a 100 year old Andalusian mill and a fleur de sel that has been harvested only by women for a century. 

3. This ceramic spice grinder is so beautiful! And a perfect complement to a cookbook that calls for spices and herbs. 


Be sure to follow along on our Instagram as we post new holiday arrivals and restock news every day. And please never hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do for you! xo-Morgan and Duquette

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