Friday Five 12.17.21

Friday Five 12.17.21

Good day everyone. First I would like to say Happy Birthday to my Pops. He is all the way on the other side of the country and we miss him and love him dearly. Big props to my Pops! Former rodeo champ, motorcycle racer, and all around amazing human. 

Next up, CHRISTMAS! Y'all ready? I mean ready to rest, ready to be present with your family or friends? I know the season is not the same for everyone. Please know that you are loved. Know that all of us in the Club Duquette community love you.

If celebrating Christmas is your bag then we are here to help y'all choose meaningful gifts this season and always. The shop is open everyday until Christmas Eve. Tonight we are open until 7 and will be listening to some music we love with free beer and water. Not a full blown Club Duq get down, but more of a open house. Come through. In the meantime dig on this Friday Five and a mystical Jazz playlist from the 70's. 


Duquette and Morgan 


1) MUSIC: 2021 Year In Review from Aquariam Drunkard 

2) Movies: Paul Thomas Anderson on What Makes a Movie Great (The New Yorker)


3) TRAVEL: The Italian Palazzo From House of Gucci Is Now on Airbnb

4)BOND, JAMES BOND: An inside look at how James Bond drives his 1963 Aston Martin DB5 so hard in the freshly released movie starring Daniel Craig.


5) FOOD AND WINE RECIPE: They had us at the Doughnuts, "This Tower of Doughnuts Is the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Holiday Table 



The Awakening A Club Duquette Playlist


They make great gifts anytime of year, but are really great as napkins at a dinner party which the guests can all take home after the party as a limited edition keepsake. Click the Pic 
                                                           Phone Home Bandana, Two Skeletons Making a Call to Each other    


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