We just got back from another trip up to NYC and are so stoked to be back in the shop with some amazing finds we brought back with us. Levi's Premium brought Duquette up to their Soho showroom to play a private event and we went to Market while we were up there. 

It was a rad trip... the show was amazing! There was dancing, singing in unison, people were listening in the streets. There were two noise complaints, a threat of the police, and endless delicious tacos.

Huge thanks to these guys, Dan Dahl (Vice President of Levi's) and Sean Naughton (National Sales Director Levi's Premium). 

Every time we get up to NYC we find more and more amazing little spots. Whenever we travel, we mark things on Google Maps to share with friends and family. And we thought, why not make some city guides of the things we love?! 

Like this place, Sauvage. (Morgan's favorite restaurant that is so friendly to people with dietary restrictions!)

Or Upstate Stock, great coffee, great shopping, highly photographable. 

And toujours, Morgan's francophile dreams come true at L'Appartement de Sezane on Elizabeth St. 

There is so much more...Here is our guide to NYC. Enjoy! 

Have any recommendations for spots we must check out on our next trip? Email us! 



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